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What Is a ‘Connected Tutor?’

A connected tutor is a tutor who is dedicated to serving the students in a particular class. At a minimum, connected tutors are:

Committed to serving a particular class

Available to provide free tutoring to students outside the classroom

Hired, supervised and trained by the Learning Center according to national standards

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What Else Do Connected Tutors Do?

How a connected tutor interacts with a class depends a lot on the needs and structure of the particular class. In addition to their open tutoring hours, they may hold regular group tutoring sessions where students can come to work on homework, they may reach out to students who are falling behind, or they may even work one-on-one with students during faculty-led, synchronous work periods

How Do I Find the Connected Tutor for My Class?

If your class has a connected tutor, their schedule should be posted on your class Canvas page by the end of the first week of classes, along with a 1-minute introductory video. If you have any trouble locating their contact information, you can also find a schedule for all Connected Tutors in the menu to the left.



Hiring a HSU Student as a Private Tutor

If you are interested in hiring a private tutor, please see the information on the Academic and Career Advising Center's page: