Engineering (ERE) Drop-in Tutoring

Engineering Drop-In Tutor is Available Sundays from 4 pm to 6 pm! 

FREE! Drop-in peer tutoring is available for students in ERE 210, 211, 225, 322, 325, 326, 330, 331

Connected Tutors are Available for:

ENGR 210 Solid Mechanics Statics
ENGR 211 Solid Mechanics Dynamics
ENGR 225 Comp Methods for Env Engineering I
ENGR 322 LEC Envn. Data Modeling & Anly
ENGR 325 Comp Methods for Env Engineering II
ENGR 326 Comp Methods for Env Engineering III
ENGR 330 LEC Mech & Science of Materials
ENGR 331 LEC Thermodynamics & Energy Systems I

Tutors will post their schedules to your course canvas page by the end of the first week of classes. 

What is Engineering Drop-in Tutoring Like?

When you come to the engineering drop-in lab, you will be signed in and directed to a breakout room where your tutor will be. You can use the space as a place to study or you can come prepared with a specific topic you want to work on. The tutors will ask you a lot of questions to help you work through your ideas. You can stay as long or short as you wish during open hours. 

Can I get individual appointments for Engineering classes? 

We do have a limited number of hours for individual appointments, please contact the Connected Tutor for your course to request an individual appointment.