Alexis V.

Writing Studio Consultants


I am a fourth-year pre-vet Zoology major at Cal Poly Humboldt.

Hobbies: Baking, watching sitcoms, walking, hosting puppy parties with my dogs and neighborhood dogs, going to the beach, river, park, or forest with friends and/or dogs, playing basketball

Why I became a consultant:  I became a consultant because I realized those around me didn’t find the same enjoyment in writing assignments as I did. Those around me struggled to start their papers, were unsure of how to answer the given prompt, and found it difficult lt to brainstorm on their own. I became a consultant to show others they are not alone when they need help and that together we can have a fun time with a writing assignment. 

I've always enjoyed writing and taking English classes; even as a science major, I set time aside to free-write. I love working at the writing studio and building personal connections with everyone that comes into the writing studio :)

Languages Spoken: English and Spanish 

Alexis V.