Arianna Thobaben, M.Ed. (she/her)

Supplemental Instruction Coordinator


Arianna Thobaben is the Supplemental Instruction Coordinator at Cal Poly Humboldt and an eighteen-year faculty member in the School of Education. She is responsible for all elements of the Supplemental instruction program including hiring and training SI Leaders, scheduling classes and is the faculty of record for 70 SI classes annually. Arianna strives to help student leaders, future teachers, faculty and staff create accessible, engaging and equitable learning environments. She has led workshops & book circles on community building, retrieval practices, active and collaborative pedagogy, assessment, learning strategies, inquiry-based learning and eliminating biases at the local and national level.  She holds an MA in Ed, MS Credential, received certification in College Teaching & Learning in HSIs, Quality Teaching and Learning (QLT), UMKC SI Coordinator Training, and serves on Student Success working groups in addition to the Academic Senate. 

Arianna Thobaben, M.Ed. (she/her)
(707) 826-5226
Library 112A