Francisco C.

Tutor Mentor


Science Lab Tutor for BOT 105, BIO 105, GSP 101 & 270, SOIL 260

Currently a second year graduate student in the Environmental Science and Management program

Major: Environmental Science and Management (Ecological Restoration)

Minor: Botany!!!!

Hobbies: I love playing video games: League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Super Smash Bros, & Pokémon. I also enjoy long(ish) distance running (with a banger playlist), roller skating, reading, and painting my nails. 

Why I became a tutor: I really liked leading study groups during my time as an undergrad and enjoyed seeing the “aha” moment happen! Now that I’m in grad school, I think I want to become a lecturer after graduation (hopefully for intro Botany) and this is great practice for that. 

Languages Spoken: Spanish & English

Francisco C.