Gavan J.

Tutor Mentor


My job: tutor

The classes I support: Math 101, 101T, 109 110, Chem 109 110, PHYX 109, STAT 109

Major(s): I currently only major in one discipline, biochemistry, but I intend on double majoring in microbiology, starting this semsester, because I feel it would give me a stronger base in the field I want to go into, Synthetic Biology. Minor(s): I am considering a Stats minor, but have no current minors.

Hobbies: I like computer programming, building computers, cars, motorcycles, electric bikes, paramotors, drones, raspberry pi boards, and all sorts of things like accelerometers. I watch a lot of YouTube, I love learning about sustainability and permaculture, urban homesteading, earthships and alternative housing structures. I like learning about the latest cellular biology, mycology, microbiology, synthetic biology, and renewable energy. I play DuoLingo and Language app games and Im on level five in Spanish. I am a huge fan of math theory, and I am exploring how to build neural nets. I am fascinated by Xenobots and their ability to replicate. At its very core DNA is much like digital computing, and I find the intersection amazing.

Why I decided to work at Learning Center: I had always gotten help from school tutors from the time I was at College of the Redwoods. The tutoring center was always a great place to study, often my classmates and I would meet there to have our study group, and we had the tutor there to help us. I just wanted to bring that kind of energy to the tutoring center here, I thought it would be like giving back a bit for the help I've been given.

Languages Spoken: Primarily English.

Any other information you'd like to share with students: I'd like to think I speak some Spanish, but I don't know how well I would do, trying to tutor in it. I know phrases in about a half dozen or so languages, but I could not carry a conversation in any of them.