Iain Fox

Tutor Mentor


I am a Math Lab tutor for Math 101, 101T, 102, 105, 107, 109,110, 210, 245, 311, 313, and 315.

Majors: Math, Computer Science, and Anthropology (with an emphasis in Linguistic Anthropology)

Hobbies: Language learning, chess, Jujitsu, speedcubing (Rubik's cube), reading, DD, and conlanging (creation of fictional languages)

Why I became a tutor: I became a tutor because I enjoy explaining things, helping people, and coming up with different perspectives from which to view problems. I've been in one type of teaching role or another for about 6 years. I spent a lot of time as an assistant instructor at my dojo, and in my high school calculus class, I found myself wanting to work with others to help them understand the concepts and material. I also like to get to know new people.

Languages Spoken: English (native), German (intermediate), Spanish (beginner)