Povheng (Heng) Y. (He/Him)

Tutor Mentor


I am a Math Tutor (Math 101, 101T, Calculus I)

Major: Psychology (but I love math too)


Art (all mediums), Baking, Cooking, Gaming (LoL: Wild Rift, Valorant, Sky), watching a lot of YouTube.

Why I work at the Learning Center: 

I decided to work at the Learning Center because I want to support other students that struggle with math classes. I myself used to struggle with math classes too, however, with the support that I got from my peers and instructors, I managed to overcome these challenges. Now, as a tutor, I am looking forward to helping others to overcome the same problems that I used to face in the past.

Languages Spoken: English, Khmer (native)

Video Introduction


Povheng (Heng) Y. (He/Him)