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Writing Studio Hours

5 PM - 8 PM (Zoom)

11 AM - 5 PM (Zoom)

11 AM - 7 PM (In Person)

11 AM - 5 PM (In Person)
5 PM - 8 PM (Zoom)

11 AM - 8 PM (In Person)

11 AM - 4 PM (In Person)

Email consultations available during all open hours. 


In-Person Location
Library 1st Floor 

Zoom Location
Learning Center Virtual Front Desk

Email-based consultations
Available during all open hours

Need Scheduling Help?

If you would like help scheduling an appointment and/or are facing accessibility-related barriers with TutorTrac, you can schedule a session by contacting Reception at 707-826-5217, by going to our Reception Desk on the Library 1st Floor, by Zooming into the Virtual Front Desk. Check the main Learning Center page for in-person and Zoom Reception hours. 

We look forward to working with you! 

The Writing Studio opens

Tuesday, August 30 for the Fall Semester. 

The Writing Studio provides free writing support at any stage of the writing process. Writers at all levels and in all majors can benefit from visiting the Writing Studio.

We will work with you on many kinds of writing projects and tasks, including brainstorming, crafting a thesis statement, tackling your senior thesis, revising a biology lab report, and improving your grammar and punctuation.

We can help you with any project that involves communicating ideas to an audience. While that includes essays and other traditional writing assignments, we can also help with slide presentations, videos and screencasts, poster presentations, interview questions, infographics, speeches and podcasts, and other multimodal projects.

We also help with resumes, cover letters, personal essays for scholarships and graduate school, and much more.

Types of Consultations

In-Person Consultations 

  • 50-minute in person consultations. Schedule a session or drop in. 
  • Brainstorm with a consultant or look over a draft. Expect to work actively on coming up with ideas and revising your writing. 
  • See if a consultant is available now. 

Zoom Consultations 

  • 50-minute live consultations using Zoom. Use full video, just audio/chat, or just chat--your choice. 
  • Brainstorm with a consultant or look over a draft. (Please have any drafts open in Google Docs.) Expect to work actively on coming up with ideas and revising your writing. 
  • See if a consultant is available now. 

Email-Based Consultations

  • Written feedback on your draft returned within 8 hours of your appointment. 
  • Schedule your appointment and then submit your draft using the online form.
  • Limited to five double-spaced pages. (You can submit a longer draft but please indicate what parts you would like reviewed.)

Quick writing-related question? Email us at during open hours.

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About Our Consultants

Writing Studio Consultants are undergraduate and graduate students from a range of majors. All have taken a 2-credit writing pedagogy course taught by English Department faculty and participate in ongoing trainings and evaluations. Read the about our Writing Consultants.

Interested in Becoming a Writing Consultant?

The Writing Studio often hires new consultants near the start of each semester. All majors are encouraged to apply. Students interested in becoming Writing Consultants should complete application materials available through the Learning Center Student Jobs webpage. Please direct any questions about the application procedure and deadlines to Dr. Jessica Citti, Writing Studio Coordinator, Library 118, (707) 826-5188,