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SPRING 2024 
Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction
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SI courses

BIO 105: Principles of Biology
BIO 340: Genetics

BOT 105: General Botany

CHEM 107: Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHEM 109: General Chemistry I
CHEM 110: General Chemistry II
CHEM 228: Brief Organic Chemistry

MATH 180: Stretch Calculus

PHIL 100: Logic

PHYX 106: College Physics: Mechanics & Heat
PHYX 109:  General Physics A

PSYC 109: Intro Psychological Statistics

STAT 108: Elementary Statistics
STAT 109: Introductory Biostatistics

ZOOL 110: Introductory Zoology

Embedded SI courses

SI leaders are embedded into these integrated support math courses. Students will not need to enroll in a separate SI course.
  • MATH 101i     College Algebra with Integrated Support
  • MATH 103i     Mathematics as a Liberal Art with Integrated Support
  • MATH 104i     Finite Mathematics
  • STATS 108i     Elementary Statistics with Integrated Support

There's still time to register for spring Supplemental Instruction classes. Enroll in SI (198 courses) through your Student Center.

How Do I Enroll in Supplemental Instruction (SI) ?

How Do I Enroll in Supplemental Instruction (SI) ?

Supplemental Instruction courses all start the first week of classes. Interested students can enroll in the 1 unit course through their student center or obtain a permission number from an SI leader. Make sure you are enrolled in the same course that pertains to your Supplemental Instruction. For more instructions please see our SI Enrollment Guide or speak to our front desk staff. Still not sure if SI may be a fit? SI leaders will visit class during the first week of school to inform students about the responsibilities and opportunities when enrolling in SI.

Why Should I Join SI ?

Why Should I Join SI ?

Supplemental Instruction (SI), provides an opportunity for students to study for their classes in a focused manner with peer leaders who have taken the class previously. These sessions are offered for rigorous entry-level and core courses from several departments and are open to all students enrolled in the following classes. The two, 50 minute peer-facilitated sessions per week are designed to help students review core course content and develop course specific academic and study skills.  Supplemental Instruction promotes active and collaborate learning and supports student success.

What happens in an SI session ?

What happens in an SI session ?

SI leaders will share the strategies they used to be successful in the course, answer questions about lecture and reading topics, conduct review activities, give practice quizzes, and provide handouts with topics relating to the course. SI courses, foster community and focus on small group collaboration. Weekly meetings consist of using active learning strategies and reinforce effective study skills.

Who Are the SI Leaders ?

Who Are the SI Leaders ?

SI leaders are students who have previously enrolled in the course and passed with outstanding references from their professor. They undergo facilitator training to develop lessons plans, apply teaching methods, and introduce various learning strategies. Students interested in becoming Supplemental Instruction leaders should complete application materials available through the Learning Center Student Jobs webpage. All majors are encouraged to apply. Please direct any questions about the application procedure and deadlines to Arianna Thobaben, Supplemental Instruction Coordinator, you may contact her at

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