Purpose and Vision

Our Purpose

The Learning Center advances student learning, achievement, and metacognitive development through collaborative peer learning and professional staff support.

Our Values

  • Empowering Interactions - Deliver high-quality, personalized academic support that empowers every learner
  • Collaboration - Partner with programs and departments across campus to increase meaningful access for students
  • Development of Student Leaders– Provide robust professional development opportunities and training for Learning Center student employees
  • Hands-on Learning - Integrate active learning into all services

Our Vision

The Learning Center will act as a pivotal connection for all students--to their coursework, to their fieldwork, and to one another. The Learning Center will work actively towards the university’s equity, retention, and career-readiness goals by offering research-informed academic support wherever and however Humboldt students learn. The Learning Center will become an integral and empowering component of every student’s academic journey.