Planning and Time Management


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Time and task management is a critical component of being a successful college student. Those terms  refer to the actions you take to manage how you spend your time in order to accomplish your goals. As a student, you have to take into account your class time, studying and project time, in addition to your non-academic commitments as well as downtime.  Without dedication to planning, everything can become overwhelming quickly.

While you may have never had need of planning tools or thought of yourself as someone in need of having a strict schedule, most college students benefit from committing themselves to some form of time management. While it may sound intimidating, committing to a practice of time management can truly alleviate a degree of stress, create a sense of focus and control, and improve the quality of your academic performance. 

The basic time management formula: 
semester view + a weekly view + a task list = successful time management plan

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The Humboldt Learning Center has resources for you to explore options for taking control of your academic experience with time management, including the tools below and staff that can help guide and give you feedback through academic coaching.

Time Management Tools