GPA Calculator


This calculator can predict what your Semester, Humboldt and Cumulative grade point averages will be at the end of the semester based on your estimated grades in the Humboldt courses you are taking this semester. To calculate your Cumulative and Humboldt Grade Point Averages, you will need to print a copy of your unofficial transcript. You will need to find four numbers on your unofficial transcript: Humboldt Grade Points, Humboldt GPA Units, Cumulative Grade Points, and Cumulative GPA Units. Use the color-coded example transcript below to find the correct numbers on your own transcript; these numbers are usually on the last page of your Unofficial Transcript.

Example Transcript

We've highlighted the Humboldt GPA Units in red, Humboldt Grade Points in yellow, Cumulative GPA Units in green and Cumulative Grade Points in blue.

Example Transcript

To ensure accuracy, please use a current version of your unofficial transcript.

Do not enter remedial classes, credit/no credit courses or classes that will be incomplete or that you have withdrawn from in the form below; they are not included in your grade point averages.