Summer 2022 Tutoring

Summer 2022 Tutoring

Schedule of Hours for Specific Classes 

BA 250, 252, and 322

ESM 105

GSP 101

PSYC 104, 241, and 242

Math Tutoring Lab Schedule


Additional Tutoring on Campus:

Computer Science

Note: Students can access computer science tutoring Zoom link on their CS class Canvas page



Tutoring for Summer 2022 will open May 23rd!

See "Summer 2022 Tutoring" link for a
list of classes supported over the summer


Learning Center Tutoring Programs

Math Tutoring Lab

This lab is a drop-in lab that serves all students enrolled in math classes or needing help with math concepts for other classes. Statistics tutors are also available.

For Summer 2022, Math Tutoring Lab offers both in-person and online tutoring times. Please see the schedule for more information.

Please go to the Math Tutoring Lab page for schedules and times that various courses are covered.

Math Tutoring Lab

Science Tutoring Lab

This lab in a drop-in lab that serves students enrolled in science courses or needing help with concepts from courses based in science. Courses that are commonly covered in the lab are Biology, Botany, Chemistry, GSP, Oceanography, Physics, Soils, and Zoology. If your class is not covered, please don't hesitate to ask at the front desk, we may be able to find a tutor who has taken the class and can help.

Closed for Summer 2022

Science Tutoring Lab

Embedded Tutoring for Specific Courses

Some classes have tutors assigned to hold drop-in hours specifically for those classes. You can see the list of classes in the column on the left. If you cannot make the drop-in times, please contact the front desk to request a one-on-one appointment.

For Summer 2022, there will be both in-person and online tutoring times. Please see the summer schedule in the left column for more information.

The following classes have embedded tutors for Summer 2022.: 

BA 250, 360

BIOL 102, 105

BOT 350

CHEM 107, 109, 228 

GSP 101, 270

Math 101T, 105, 109

PHIL 100

PSYC 104,311,321,323, 335,337

Stat 109

ZOOL 356

What is an Embedded Tutor?

An embedded tutor is a tutor who is dedicated to serving the students in a particular class. You will find them in class with you, helping your instructor lead activities. They are also available in the Math and Science Tutoring labs if you need additional help, or you can contact them directly for a one-on-one appointment.

How do I find the Embedded Tutor for my class?

If your class has an embedded tutor, they will be in class with you. By the end of the first week of class, they should post a 1-minute introductory video on Canvas and you can email them directly in Canvas.