The Learning Center offers free, interactive workshops through the Humboldt Library's Skillshops series.

Fall 2022 SkillShops 


Academic Creators 

In a world where students don’t often feel like they have a choice about all the tasks they “have” to do in college, learn about what an academic “creator” is vs. a “self-saboteur” and how developing an internal locus of control can change your academic career for the better. It’s never too late to try something new.

Session 1: Wednesday Sept 14 at 5
Location: Fishbowl


Making a weekly schedule of when you go to class is just the beginning. Take your time management skills to the next level by learning to time box - estimate and book yourself for tasks. 

Session 1: Wednesday, Sept 21 at 5
Session 2: Thursday, Sept 22 at 5

Pomodoro Retrieval Power Boosts

Avoid cramming. Learn about how short, timed and frequent memory retrieval sessions enhance your comprehension of new material and help you remember it longer!

Session 1: Tuesday, Sept 27 at 6 pm
Session 2: Wednesday, Sept 28 at 6 pm
: Fishbowl





Input: Using Cornell Notes in and out of class

Get all of the details on how to utilize the famous note-taking system for better comprehension and studying.

Session 1: Wednesday, Oct 4 at 4 pm
Session 2: Thursday, Oct 5 at 4 pm
: Fishbowl


Prep like a Pro! Test Prep Strategies for Students

Learn about how the learning process works and how each step is essential to being prepared for taking exams.

Session 1: Wednesday, Oct 12 at 6 pm
Session 2: Thursday, Oct 13 at 6 pm
: Fishbowl

Mid-term Check In: Game Planning the End of your Semester

Learn about strategies and tools you can use to assess your progress at mid-term and improve your results!

Session 1: Wednesday, Oct 19 at 5 pm
Session 2: Thursday, Oct 20 at 5 pm
: Fishbowl