Study Groups

Interested in forming a study group for your course?  The following steps can help you create and run effective groups:


1. Complete the Study Group Form

Complete the Study Group Form with your contact information and the course you want to form a study group. Shortly, you will receive an email and Doodle Poll to enter your availability. If other members complete the poll, you will be invited to a study-group orientation meeting. If there are no other students who completed the form for the class you indicated, we will contact you and let you know that.

How to Get Other Students Involved:

  • Ask your professor if you can make an announcement to the class about forming a study group or invite classmates in your lab or discussion groups.
  • Be sure to get group members’ names, email addresses and/or phone numbers.
  • Consider using a Doodle Poll to find a common time and establish a location.

2. Attend a Study Group Orientation Meeting

The purpose of the orientation meeting is to introduce you to other group members, share study group best practices, and demonstrate how to use the HSU Learning Center Discord server as a communication and resource tool. An academic peer coach from the Learning Center will lead the initial meeting to get your group started.

3. Review the Study Group Guide

The Study Group Guide outlines ways you can establish and run an effective study group. The guide also includes group study activities and backup-plan recommendations for working in a remote environment. 

4. Use HSU Learning Center Discord as a Tool (recommended, but optional)

HSU Learning Center Discord was created to help students easily stay in touch and share study resources with one another. Study groups aren't required to make an account and use Discord, but we recommend it as a useful study-group tool. Please note: You must create an account to access Discord. 


If Discord isn't for you, you can use other methods to communicate, meet up, and share resources. Consider using HSU email, GoogleChat, Google Drive, Google Calendar, or "Remind."