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Fall 2024

To apply for any of the Instructional Student Assistant (ISA) positions below, submit application materials via CHRS/PageUp. If you have any problems submitting your application, please contact us at or 707-826-5217.


Instructional Student Assistant Positions

All Instructional Student Assistant (ISA) positions are paid $17.01 per hour. Below are summaries of each position within the Learning Center. To apply for any of the ISA positions below, submit your applications to CHRS/PageUp.


Using CHRS/PageUp: The online PageUp application interface will require you to make an account, complete an online application, and upload your resume, schedule of classes, and unofficial transcripts. Upload PDF files when possible by saving documents as PDF, not by saving them using Print as PDF. You can download Adobe Creative Cloud for Students for free from the Home/Personal Use Software Downloads page. Should you have trouble opening the PDF after accessing Adobe Acrobat, right-click on the file and save it to your computer or device to open. 


Academic Peer Coach (Job #140)

Academic peer coaches help and guide students to develop their own learning strategies in individual sessions. Coaches help students learn methods to solve problems independently and provide positive feedback. Coaches also help students with their academic skills and study strategies, such as exam preparation, assistance with time management, or communicating with a professor. The position involves assessing student needs, keeping records, and making referrals to other campus resources. Coaches are required to maintain good academic standing. 

For further information contact Michele Miyamoto, Tutoring and Coaching Coordinator, 707-826-5187 or

Writing Studio Consultants (Job #145)

Writing Studio consultants help other students draft, organize, and revise their writing assignments for courses in any subject area. Consultants meet with individual students in person or online. Consultants work with students to identify areas of a piece of writing that would benefit from revision, and assist the student's efforts to strengthen the overall paper, rather than proofreading or making changes for the student. Regular paid meetings and trainings are mandatory. Consultants may also facilitate writing workshops for peers and visit classrooms to provide writing support.

Positions typically open before the start of each semester. For further information, contact Jessica Citti, 707-826-5188 or

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders (Job #156)

SI Leaders plan, lead and facilitate Supplemental Instruction sessions twice each week for targeted science classes designed to reinforce content and learn optimal study skills for the discipline. Responsibilities include planning for and using active learning and collaborative teaching strategies, typing up lesson plans, keeping track of attendance in tracking software, and meeting with the designated faculty and SI Coordinator. SI leaders must attend paid training before the semester begins and ongoing training throughout the semester. In addition, SI leaders are observed and given feedback.

There is often more openings fall semester (hiring in April or May), but occasionally openings occur in spring (hiring in November or December). Preference is given to applicants who have attended SI courses, and who have some tutoring, teaching, or mentoring experience. Although all students, including work-study eligible students and others who understand the course content well and want to support others are strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants must be in good standing and have earned a B or higher in the targeted class.

Courses We Are Hiring Leaders For:

BIO 340

CHEM 109/110

MATH 101/109

PHYX 106

STAT 108i/109

For further information contact: Supplemental Instruction Coordinator, 707-826-5226 or


Learning Center Tutors (Job #283)  

Learning Center tutors are hired to tutor specific subjects, online or in-person, and host weekly tutoring hours. Tutors assist students in finding their own answers to questions and help them learn methods to solve problems independently. In addition, they help students grasp the content of challenging classes and build the skills necessary to become successful learners. Additional responsibilities may include lab maintenance duties, securing equipment, exercising professionalism, and maintaining regular communication with their supervisor about changes or problems. Special projects may include: collaborating with specific professors to assist with in-class activities, creating and/or conducting presentations, creating and posting Canvas or social media content to promote tutoring, and tracking tutoring techniques used in the lab. Work duties also include attending paid training.

Embedded tutors attend lecture or lab classes for the subjects they tutor and communicate with the course instructor(s) to share information about the student experience and needs, and to prepare and coordinate activities to meet instructor expectations.

Tutors who are able to tutor general chemistry 1 (CHEM 109), calculus 1 (MATH 105/109), intro statistics (STAT 109), genetics (BIO 340) or geospatial sciences (GSP 101 or above) are given priority in hiring. 

For further information contact Michele Miyamoto, Tutoring & Coaching Coordinator, 707-826-5187 or



Reception & Advertising Positions

Applications Open for Fall 2024

Please submit all materials using our online form found at this link: 


Reception Student Assistants

Reception assistants help run the daily operations of the Learning Center. Duties include greeting and referring students, answering phones, processing tutoring requests, scheduling appointments, and data entry. Other office tasks include filing, email correspondence, photocopying, and running errands.

Responsibilities while telecommuting for reception assistants are hosting our Zoom virtual front desk, scheduling Zoom appointments, and signing students into the appropriate services.  Other tasks may include data entry, replying to emails, and jobs as assigned by professional staff. 

Reception Student Assistant positions are paid $16.00 per hour.  Typically students are assigned to work between 5 to 10 hours a week.

Students who have been awarded Federal Work Study are given preference during the hiring process.

Hiring typically takes place at the end of the semester. Interested candidates should submit applications using the above link. Contact Su Karl, or 707-826-5205 for more information.


Advertising Student Assistant

The Advertising Assistant is responsible for working closely with Learning Center Staff to independently create an array of projects that cohesively communicate the values of the Learning Center to the campus community. Duties include designing stickers, buttons, fliers, banners, social media posts, and other marketing materials using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, Canva, and other programs. Other tasks may include video creation and photography.

Advertising Student Assistant positions are paid $16.00-$16.50 per hour, depending on experience. Typically students work between 4 and 10 hours a week.

Hiring typically takes place at the end of each semester. Interested candidates should submit applications using the above link and include 3-5 samples of their graphic design and social media work. Students with video production experience are highly encouraged to apply! Contact Su Karl, or (707) 826-5206 or (707) 826-5227, for more information.

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