Tutor/SI Leader Job Opportunities

 Learning Lab

We're hiring for Fall 2020! To apply, please submit all materials using our online form found at this link: https://learning.humboldt.edu/isa-tutor-application

To apply for any of the tutoring (ISA) positions below, please submit application materials using the above link.

PDF Troubleshooting: The HSU application form is a fillable PDFs which does not load correctly in all browsers. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat to open and fill the application PDF, you can download Adobe Creative Cloud for Students for free from the Home/Personal Use Software Downloads page. Should you have trouble opening the PDF application after accessing Adobe Acrobat, right click on the file and save it to your computer or device to open and complete. 

Tutoring Position Summaries

All tutoring positions are paid $14.00 per hour. For full description of all tutor job announcements, visit the Academic Personnel Services website: http://www.humboldt.edu/aps/employment/ase.html. Below are summaries of each position.

General Tutor and Science Lab Tutor (Job #140)

General Tutors help and guide students to develop their own learning strategies in individual and group tutoring sessions. Tutors will help students learn methods to solve problems independently. Tutors may also help students with their academic skills and study strategies, such as exam preparation, assistance with time management, or research for a paper. The position involves assessing student needs, keeping records, and making referrals to other campus resources. General Tutors are required to maintain good academic standing. Tutors must also have received an A or a B in the courses that they are tutoring and have relevant faculty recommendations.

For further questions, please contact:

Michele Miyamoto, General Lab Tutorial Coordinator, 707-826-5187,  ( mem797@humboldt.edu ),  and Lorraine Casazza, STEM Coordinator, 707-826-5189, 

( lrc65@humboldt.edu )

Math Tutoring Lab Tutors (Job #141)

Tutors in the Math Tutoring Lab help college students develop math skills in algebra, pre-calculus and calculus in a drop-in setting. Tutors may also tutor statistics and/or other math classes if able. Duties include greeting students, describing the services of the lab, and approaching students to find out how to help them are essential part of the position. Tutors are required to ask questions and guide students to solve problems rather than solving problems for tutees. Applicants must be registered for or have completed Math 481, Workshop in Tutoring Mathematics, or equivalent prior to being hired.

For further information, contact Lorraine Casazza ( lrc65@humboldt.edu )

Writing Studio Consultants (Job #145)

Writing Studio consultants help other students organize and revise their writing assignments for courses in any subject area. Consultants typically meet with individual students in person or online in 30- or 50- minute blocks of time, either by appointment, on a drop-in basis, or online. Consultants work with students to identify areas of a piece of writing that would benefit from revision, and assist the student's efforts to strengthen the overall paper, rather than proof-reading or making changes for the student. Regular paid meetings are mandatory. Consultants may also facilitate writing workshops for peers and visit classrooms to provide writing support. Passing English 450: Tutoring Developing Writers or equivalent is required. English 450 will be offered Fall 2020. Positions typically open before the start of each semester. For further questions, please contact Jessica Citti, 707-826-5188 or jessica.citti@humboldt.edu.

Writing Studio Fellows (DHSI Grant-Funded Positions through the HSU School of Education)

Writing Studio Fellows work with first-year students enrolled in the Creando Raíces (Creating Roots) Learning Community or the Teachers 4 Social Justice Learning Community. Fellows meet one-on-one and in small groups in person or online with Creando Raíces or Teachers 4 Social Justice students on writing projects and on college-level reading. Fellows also visit Creando Raíces or Teachers 4 Social Justice classes to support and facilitate writing and reading activities. Fellows communicate regularly with Writing Studio supervisor and learning community faculty and staff. Regular paid meetings are mandatory. Fellows also participate in learning community Summer Immersion and other events. One year commitment. Passing English 450: Tutoring Developing Writers or equivalent is required. English 450 will be offered Fall 2020. $14.00 / hour. Fellows typically work 80 hours a semester (weekly schedule will vary). Writing Studio Fellows are required to work at least 3 hours in the Writing Studio serving the general HSU population. 

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders (Job #156)

SI Leaders plan, lead and facilitate Supplemental Instruction sessions twice each week for targeted science classes designed to reinforce content and learn optimal study skills for the discipline. Responsibilities include planning for and using active learning and collaborative teaching strategies, typing up lesson plans, keeping track of attendance in tutor trac and meeting with the designated faculty and SI Coordinator. SI leaders must attend paid training before the semester begins and ongoing trainings throughout the semester. In addition, SI leaders are observed and given feedback.

There are often more openings fall semester (hiring in April or May), but occasionally openings occur in spring (hiring in November or December). Preference is given toapplicants who have attended SI courses, and who have some tutoring, teaching or mentoring experience. Although all students, including work-study eligible students and others who understand the course content well and want to support others are strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants must be in good standing and have earned a B or higher in the targeted class.

For further information contact: Arianna Thobaben, 707-826-5226, arianna.thobaben@humboldt.edu