Ben O.

Writing Studio Consultants


Hi! Im Ben, Im a writing consultant with the Cal Poly Humboldt Learning Center Writing Studio. As a writing consultant, I work with students of all majors on writing assignments of all kinds. If it has to be written, I can help you write it, be it an essay, a short response, a lab report, or a creative project.

I myself am a Film major, minoring in English, so Im especially able to help with film and literature analysis essays. I used to work in the writing center of my community college for four semesters (plus one summer), and this is my second semester working at the Humboldt Writing Studio.

I like working in the writing studio because it allows me to work with students from different majors, and often that way I get to pick up some really interesting information on subjects I don't study. My hobbies include writing (I have a bunch of creative projects of my own that I work on between school assignments), drawing, watching movies and tv shows (I like to keep up with animation especially since its what I want to write for), going on nature walks, and traveling whenever I can. Some other interesting facts about me are that I've lived all across the country; Im originally from California, but spent a lot of time in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico at different points in my life. I also have a fairly good working knowledge of the natural world, thanks to growing up with my parents, who both worked with the Park Service/Fish and Wildlife Service. Lastly, Im a part of the LGBT+ community, being trans/nonbinary. If you're also queer, you can rest assured that I will do my utmost to make the writing studio a place you can feel at ease. I look forward to working with you!


Languages Spoken: English, basic level ASL

Ben O.