Isabel P.Z. (she/her)

Supplemental Instruction Leader


Major: Kinesiology (Exercise Science)


Hobbies: I run the 400-meter hurdles for the track team and am totally obsessed with it. Along with that, I am a gym rat and love powerlifting. I also love to bullet journal and draw and paint a lot in it. I love hiking and just being outside absorbing the UVs. Another of my favorite hobbies is cooking and eating yummy food. 


Why I became a SI leader: I wanted to get a job and my Stats professor recommended me to be an SI. I looked into it and I thought it would be so cool to help other students with challenging material, especially incoming freshmen who have so much to adjust to. I also am considering going into teaching so I thought it would be awesome to get some experience and see if I like it!

Languages Spoken:  English and Spanish

Isabel P.Z. (she/her)