Writing Studio Policies


Appointments: Make an appointment to avoid waiting and disappointments. During peak periods, such as the weeks leading up to final exams, the Writing Studio may be fully booked as early as a week or two ahead of time. 

Planning Ahead: Please schedule your Writing Studio session at least a day before your essay is due to allow adequate time for reflection and revision. Consultants may be able to help with small, last-minute requests, but students should not expect extensive feedback just before a deadline.

Lateness: Students who are 10 minutes late for a 50-minute appointment may have their appointment given over to anyone waiting for a drop-in. Habitual lateness may result in losing your Writing Studio privileges for the current semester.

Missed Appointments: Sessions may be canceled up to an hour prior to the scheduled session. If you need to cancel, please cancel online or call the Learning Center Reception desk at 707-826-5217. After two missed appointments (in-person and email) without canceling you may be limited from booking further appointments for the current semester.

Drop-in Policy: Drop-in consultations are accepted, but we cannot guarantee availability without an appointment during peak usage times. Email consultations are by appointment only.


Weekly Limits: Students can schedule two 50-minute appointments a week. If we're not booked, you may be able to drop in for additional appointments.

Appointment Scope Limitations: Consultants can work with a maximum of 10 pages of writing during a session. If you have a long essay, choose the section(s) with which you would most like help. Keep in mind that Consultants will not able to review every aspect of your writing. Rather, they will draw your attention to prioritized issues (given assignment requirements and your own writing goals). Addressing nuanced issues or longer writing projects can require multiple appointments.

Take Home Exams: Consultants are not permitted to help you with take-home essay exams unless you have written permission from your instructor or the instructor has contacted the Writing Studio directly.

Selfies and other forms of documentation: We are happy to sign documentation of a completed appointment supplied by your instructor. Note that consultants will only agree to be in a selfie / sign forms for writers who actively engage in a full 30- or 50-minute appointment. Reception staff cannot sign documentation forms.

Writing Studio Space Usage: During open hours, the Writing Studio space is reserved for Humboldt students working on writing assignments. Students and community members who are not working on writing projects are asked to use other space in the Library.

Community members, faculty, staff, and non-matriculated students. Please see the Learning Center policy regarding using Learning Center services. Generally, we limit the Writing Studio to student use only. Alumni are able to use our services on a limited basis if related to professional development (graduate school application essays, etc.).