Faculty FAQ

Thank you for supporting HSU students. If you have a question that isn't answered below, reach out to us at learning@humboldt.edu or by calling 707-826-5217.

Q: What types of free tutoring does the Learning Center offer?
A: The Learning Center provides the following free peer tutoring services:
  • Math Tutoring Lab 
  • Limited drop-in math tutoring available for Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, and many other quantitative courses. No appointment necessary.
  • Supplemental Instruction 
    Supplemental Instruction (SI) sections are optional peer-led courses for specific classes in science, math and statistics, and for Phil 100. SI sections meet twice a week for the duration of the semester. Registration is strongly encouraged to attend the bi-weekly sessions, but exam review sessions are available to all students in the courses SI serves. 
  • Connected Tutoring 
    NEW! Connected tutors are available for large courses with historically low success rates and/or high equity gaps. Tutors are linked to specific course sections and instructors so that students can get to know tutors and get help easily outside of class. When possible, tutors will attend class once a week and have access to students through Canvas.
  • Writing Studio 
    The Writing Studio offers free peer assistance with writing assignments and standardized writing examination preparation.
  • Academic Peer Coaching 
  • NEW! Academic Peer coaches don't provide content tutoring, but they do provide individual assistance for online learning, time management, and effective learning strategies. Availablity is on a first-come, first-served basis

Q: Can I require students to visit the Learning Center for extra credit?
A: If you would like to require Learning Center visits, we can accommodate requests, we just ask for a heads up so our staff are aware there may be an influx of students on a particular day. Some programs such as writing and coaching have limited availability, and we want to ensure that we can serve students within the required timeframe and that students have a positive experience. Students coming in for tutoring are ultimately responsible for securing confirmation of the visit, and this can be as easy as taking a screenshot during a tutoring session or giving students a digital form that the student completes and the tutor signs during the visit. Contact us at learning@humboldt.edu or reach out to a specific staff member that coordinates the program you are interested in. 

Q: What types of drop-in tutoring are available?
A: The Math Tutoring Lab offers limited drop-in hours on Sundays for Fall 2020 since many math courses have a connected tutoring serving them. Refer students to our website or virtual front desk for schedules.

Q: What are the requirements to become a tutor?
A: Students must meet these basic qualifications to be hired as tutors:
  • Currently enrolled at HSU and in good academic standing.
  • Grade of B or better in the course(s) they apply to tutor.
  • HSU faculty recommendation in the department they apply to tutor
  • Completing all application materials, hiring paperwork, submitting two forms of identification, including a Social Security card, prior to working.
The Writing Studio, Math Tutoring, and Supplemental Instruction have additional qualifications.

Q: How do I recommend a tutor for an eligible course?
A: The Learning Center typically hires tutors, writing consultants, academic coaches, and SI leaders in the spring for the upcoming year. Our staff page has information about which staff member to contact for each tutoring program. We also a nomination form you can use to recommend a tutor

Q: What if a student wants individual tutoring?
A: Limited one-on-one tutoring is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students can request individual tutoring by sending a message through Canvas to their connected tutor to arrange a time for an individual tutoring session. 

Q: What type of academic skills assistance do you offer?
A: We offer academic peer coaching (NEW!) and academic assistance from staff for the following:
  • Online Learning Strategies
  • Canvas Navigation
  • Time Management and Organization
  • Note Taking
  • Time Management
  • College Reading & Annotation
  • Test Preparation
  • Test Anxiety
  • General Learning Strategies 
  • College Writing Skills 

Q: Can I request a workshop or presentation for a class or student group?
A: Yes! Faculty and staff may request workshops or Learning Center services presentations by emailing: learning@humbolt.edu. For writing workshops, reach out directly to the Writing Skills Specialist, Jessica Citti. For all workshops, please make your request three to four weeks in advance to allow us time to contact you, plan, and prepare. For general presentations about our services, one to two weeks is enough notice.