Math Tutoring Lab


The Math Tutoring Lab will resume through Zoom (video and chat) on Monday, March 30. Math tutor schedules will be post with Zoom "rooms" for students to drop in and get help.

The Math Tutoring Lab offers free drop-in peer tutoring for HSU students enrolled in math and statistics courses.

Math Tutoring Lab is a place to study math, statistics, and other quantitative classes. Tutors are available for algebra, trig/pre-calc, calculus, intro stats classes, and a whole lot more.  Students can come to study individually or in groups, and computers and collaboration stations are available for use. No appointment necessary.

Location: Library 1st Floor

Courses Tutored

  • MATH 101 & 101T (College Algebra & Trigonometry)
  • MATH 102 (Algebra & Elementary Functions)
  • MATH 103 (Mathematics as a Liberal Art)
  • MATH 105 (Calculus for Biological Sciences & Natural Resources)
  • MATH 109, 110 & 210 (Calcullus I, II, & III)
  • STAT 108 (Elementary Statistics)
  • STAT 109 (Introductory Biostatistics) 
  • Most quantitative components of a wide range of other classes

Click Here for Math Tutoring Lab Schedule for Spring 2020

Click Here for Math Tutoring Lab Schedule by Subject

How to Use the Math Tutoring Lab

  • Bring your textbook and notes, laptop can also be helpful
  • Sign in (including student ID #) & sign out
  • Ask for help--raising your hand will let tutors know to come to you
  • Feel welcome to do your homework in the Math Tutoring Lab
  • Group up with others in your class to work together
  • Bring your own calculators, pencils, etc.

Math Lab Tutor Role

The role of the tutors is not to give students the answers, but to teach students skills they can apply to their current assignment and future proficiency.

Tutors are Students Too

Even if they aren't experts in your subject, they will look at your problem and try to help you figure it out. We can't guarantee we can help with every problem, but we will try!

How to become a Math Lab Tutor

See the job description and instructions for applying on our Student Job Opportunities page.

Other Tutoring Options

  • One-on-one or Small Group Tutoring is available through the General Tutoring Lab.
  • Private Tutors -- In the Math Dept. Office, there is a list of people available as tutors. This is like a "bulletin board" type of list. That is, these are not people sponsored or recommended by the Math Dept.
  • Office Hours -- If you have made a serious effort and still need help, visit your professor during office hours.
  • Videos – Many texts have videos on reserve in the library.
  • Textbook Websites – Many texts have "companion websites." Often these have review pages, tutorials, and practice tests.
  • Other Websites – There are lots of great math tutorial websites such as or
  • Workshops

Usage Policy

All registered HSU students enrolled in a math or statistics course can use the lab, although not all tutors can tutor all math courses. HSU students who are not currently enrolled in a math course but wish to strengthen math skills in a particular area can also get assistance. Abusive or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated in the Math Tutoring Lab.